Turbulence and disruption are now the new norms for the business world. Winning organisations will be those that can reinvent themselves faster than their competitors. Leading change is a key capability.

About The Book

The CEO Checklist is a road map of best practices for achieving leadership and business excellence. It can be used as an assessment tool by individual managers and management teams to:

  • Assess the strengths and opportunities of the business/business unit
  • Get the difficult issues on the table for discussion
  • Identify gaps in current business practices
  • Identify opportunities for leadership development (assessments, programs or coaching)
  • Approve an action plan that could take the business to the next level
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About the Author

PeterPeter Berry is the Managing Director of Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC). Peter has had more than 25 years of experience teaching in business schools, presenting to thousands of CEOs, and using assessments and consulting services to add value to clients.



About PBC

Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC) is a professional services business with more than 25 years of experience in delivering management consulting and assessment-based solutions. During this time, we have taught in business schools, presented to thousands of CEOs, and used assessments and consulting services to add value by finding solutions for clients. Peter Berry is the managing director of PBC.

Science should inform practice. To that end, we are proud to use leading-edge global assessments that are rich in research and user friendly for executives. We are the Australian distributor
of the Hogan Assessments, which have heavily influenced our research and practice for more than a decade. We rely on these assessments for selection, development, self-awareness and team building.

“This checklist is an indispensable resource for any CEO interested in leveraging genuine expertise on how to run an organization more effectively. This wonderfully clever book is
an antidote to all the nonsense written on the subject and an essential tool in the toolkit of any senior leader who is interested in making organizations more effective.”

– Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, CEO, Hogan Assessment Systems